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"Seeking to provide a safe environment where Refugees and Asylum Seekers can find friendship, food and practical help."

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    The Drop-In Centre

    The Destitution Project (DP) runs a weekly Drop-In Centre in the Wesley Suite at Victoria Hall (postcode: BL1 2AF) every Wednesday from 10am to 3pm. A...
  • The Destitution Project

    The Destitution Project

    We are here> EVERY Wednesday between 10.00am and 3.00pm. We support Asylum Seekers, Refugees, destitute Asylum Seekers and their families. We are all...
  • The Project's Mission

    The Project's Mission

    The Bolton Destitution Project seeks to provide a safe environment where Refugees and Asylum Seekers can find friendship, food and practical help.

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Genocide Memorial Day Service

I was pleased to have been asked to go to a Human being. It was a very moving service with people telling their individual story of how they came to be in Bolton.

The brutality and extreme awfulness of mass murder was touched upon with ultimate respect for the babies, children,women and men who became victims of Genocide.

Pam read a poem entitled "Come friends, come with your grief"..I have asked her for a copy to share with you all.

There was some wonderful energetic singing from the Melbourne Road Methodist choir...singing about the intense love of Christ which overcomes all darkness.

The children from Brandwood community school read with enthusiasm their 3 poems..."Let no one steal your dreams" "Unity" and "A Refugee".

WE observed 2 minutes silence to remember..remind ourselves that we really must learn these incredibly harsh lessons from the past..we need to find new ways of non violent communication..

Pereverant from Ephrata Church community, played the guitar and sang "What a friend we have in Jesus" told how he had arrived here with his sister when he was just 16 years old. After being separated from his loving family he felt frustration : But He met some very kind people (see how kindness can change lives) went to college and is now studying at Bolton University..He said that as His name was perseverence He had to keep going.

There were representatives from all the faith families in Bolton.

Nat Biney the President and patron of the African Community talked about his love for Bolton and its warm hearted people.

The people who spoke were so humble and grateful for human kindness as well as gratitude for being freed.

WE heard an address given by our new Mayor ...she asked me where I was from so I told her about us and she wants to donate things to us. and from Councillor LInda Thomas.

An 11 year old girl summed it up for me when she spoke about how she felt in a strange country not speaking the language BUT found herself in a loving school and community..the teachers kept an eye on her to make sure she was happy but the children "were friends" she said.


Christine Walton and Pamela Spurlings represented DP.

Genocide Memorial Day Poem

A poem of welcome and hope for those fleeing from war, persecution and violence (written by Kamand Kojouri - a contemporary Iranian poet)

Come friends
Come with your grief
Come with your loss
Carry all the pieces of your heart
and come and sit with us
Bring your disappointments and your failures
Bring your betrayals and your masks
We welcome you no matter
where you come from
and what you bring
Come and join us at the intersection of
acceptance and forgiveness
Where you will find our house of love
Bring your empty cups
and we will have a feast.