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"Seeking to provide a safe environment where Refugees and Asylum Seekers can find friendship, food and practical help."

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  • Mayor's DP Visit

    Mayor's DP Visit

    We at DP were delighted to welcome the present Mayor of Bolton (Councillor Elaine Sherrington) to visit us on the 9th January. She was only available...

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  • The Drop-In Centre

    The Drop-In Centre

    We have a well supported drop-in, every Wednesday between 10 am and 3pm - find us here > We support refugees, asylum seekers and destitute asylum seek...
  • The Destitution Project

    The Destitution Project

    We are here> EVERY Wednesday between 10.00am and 3.00pm. We support Asylum Seekers, Refugees, destitute Asylum Seekers and their families. We are all...
  • The Project's Mission

    The Project's Mission

    The Bolton Destitution Project seeks to provide a safe environment where Refugees and Asylum Seekers can find friendship, food and practical help.

Refugee / Asylum Seeker Information

S's Story

"S" was trafficked into the UK from Pakistan at the age of 20 in 2013. She has no idea who her parents are as she was brought up by a couple who she called auntie and uncle.

There were lots of girls in the house and they were never allowed to leave. She had no idea which country she was in and she was used as a sex slave. She is also partially deaf and has learning difficulties.

She, with the others, managed to escape from the house and were lucky that a lady helped them and were taken to a police station in Manchester. S claimed asylum and was moved to Bolton by Home Office

Once she started accessing our D.P. drop in service, our caseworker was able to mentor S, befriend her and help her get in touch with a solicitor. The Home Office assigned her a support worker to visit her daily and provide the support she needed. We further assisted her with her GP/Solicitor appointments and made a referral for her to get counselling. She spoke little English but started attending college and now her English is very good.

After four years she has been granted leave to remain. Although she feels safe in this country, she is still living with the trauma she went through.